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Production Powerhouse

We specialize in the production of narrative films, company promos, event videography, and music distribution.  Our topflight staff takes immense pride in the relationships we develop with our clients.

At Cerebrum, we provide unparalleled video production services for every type of shoot. Our equipment consists of industry standard camera packages, lighting, motion technology, and accessories.

In recent projects, we have worked with the Canon C300, Sony F5, Sony EX-3, Arri Amira, Arri Alexa, RED Dragon, Red Scarlet-W, RED Weapon, and a range of DSLR's.

“We depend on Cerebrum. It’s the lifeblood of our firm. Without them, I don't know where our practice would be.”

Julie Weber

“The number one reason we stay with Cerebrum is simple: dollars and sense. We feel the product that we received is of the highest quality, and the results speak for themselves.”

Steven Caldwell

"My company's revenue has seen a dramatic increase and it’s directly correlated to the work that I’ve been doing with Cerebrum and our partnership.”

Emmanuel Gallegos

“Our future is with Cerebrum. I don’t stress about my business because I am partnered with a creative team that has my best interest at heart.“

Marianne Landergan

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